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I invite you to join me at the Roycroft Chapel. I will be there four nights to display my artwork and meet you. Two other local artists will also be presenting their own unique exhibitions. Admission is free and no reservation is needed. There will be prints of all my featured artwork for sale. Come and enjoy a night of adventurous imagery and colossal landscapes while staying close to home. I invite you to take a journey to a Strange Frontier.
-Matthew Stroka

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Artist Statement

Strange Lands. Distant Frontiers.

" The feeling of insignificance is powerful and overwhelming. It can leave a person feeling the opposite: small and powerless. That internal response you may get when you drive under towering windmills or when a large ocean freighter passes by you while kayaking. It could be something as simple as standing under an open sky, knowing that if gravity ceased you would drift into the vast blue void. Has a place ever given you this feeling?

This is how I imagine the great explorers and adventurers of the past felt when first witnessing distant and unfamiliar lands. I invite you to take this journey with me and evoke this instinctive reaction within yourself. What if there were places and times where there was no limit to the massive grandeur the environment could possess?

This series of illustrations I have created explores worlds that are in many ways familiar, while at the same time strikingly alien. Beautifully desolate places where the scale and isolation may be slightly unsettling. Take a lonesome journey through a Strange Frontier. "

-Matthew Stroka

(Music by Scott Buckley)

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Purchase Prints

Posters/prints will be available for purchase at the exhibition. Prints are also available for purchase online. Both physical and digital prints are offered below.


Buy Art. Download. Print. Save.

Go green and save money by going digital. The entire Strange Frontier Collection is available in high resolution (300 dpi) digital format. Once files are downloaded you can print as much as you want. Prints purchased will come with multiple ratio sizes to fit any size frame you may have laying around. All downloads are safe and secure through Etsy.


High. Quality. Art Prints.

The Strange Frontier collection is available on INPRNT. All prints are printed on demand on quality archival-rated paper, canvas, or acrylic.

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The Roycroft Chapel will be hosting three exhibitions simultaneously. In addition to my Strange Frontier exhibition, Sara Halter and Bryce Elder will be featuring their own unique exhibitions. I am excited to have partnered with these two talented graphic designers and artists.

Three exhibitions. Same time. Same place.

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